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Wireless On-Site Network Technician

Taosnet is currently looking for a Wireless On-Site Network Technician. Taosnet is a locally owned, community minded company that has a great team of people. We are looking for the right individual to come join our team.

Ideal candidate is someone who enjoys hiking and working outdoors and has no fear of heights. Job requires climbing ranging from 60 -200 ft. while carrying tools and equipment.


  • Install, maintain/repair and test residential/small business broadband products such as; Fixed Wireless High Speed Internet, VoIP, Surveillance Cameras, Fiber Optics and similar technologies.
  • Work with both Business and Residential customers to configure routers, computers, printers, cameras, etc.
  • Analyze, diagnose and troubleshoot basic technical problems or issues.
  • Connects wires, optical-fibers and cables to terminals, and attaches/detaches various kinds of hardware to wires, optical-fibers, cables, buildings, and poles.
  • Uses hand tools, power tools, and specialty tools (e.g., multi-meters, volt-ohm meters).
  • Providing technical support to users both over the telephone and in person.


  • Have a valid (and clean) New Mexico Driver's License.
  • Have basic computer & internet skills
  • Be able to lift 50lbs and able to climb a ladder. 
  • Prior experience using a body harness and safety straps.
  • Good organization, communication, prioritization, and problem-solving skills
  • Working knowledge of hand and power tools.
  • Experience cabling various electronic components (e.g., modems, routers, TVs, stereo systems and home entertainment systems).
  • Knowledge of basic electricity (classes or on-the-job training), which includes: knowledge related to the basic principles, theories, and applications of electricity.
  • Ability to work in confined spaces (e.g., attics, crawl spaces).
  • Ability to work flexible hours.
  • At least six (3) months experience installing, maintaining/repairing, and testing of some form of technology equipment, such as satellite dishes, alarm systems, electrical systems, wireless Internet systems, residential/small business broadband systems, etc. (Training is offered to qualified applicants.)

We will provide on the job training, but would prefer candidates with some working knowledge and/or technical skills in any of the following:

  • Set up networking on Windows / MAC / Linux
  • Configure WIFI routers, Ethernet switches, networking equipment
  • Installation / Termination of Cat5/5e/6, Coax, Fiber
  • TCP/IP (IP Addresses, subnets, routing)
  • Routing & Switching
  • VoIP, QoS
  • Low voltage electrical

This is a part-time position with potential to become full-time. Please submit your resume for consideration to employment@taosnet.com.