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Programs that run on the web server to provide special features to a web site such as an email response form or an interactive SQL database. Each transaction generates a "hit" which is totaled in the monthly consumption report.

A service that allows customers to install their own internet server computers in the facilities of an ISP.

Disk Storage
The measurement of how much total hard drive space a web site takes up on the web server's hard drive.

DNS Service
Servers that locate domains on the internet. DNS translates plain English domain names into binary computer numbers.

Domain Registrar
A company authorized to establish internet domain names and update the root DNS servers.

An interactive mailing list service for group email communications and discussion forums.

Megabytes Transfered
When people browse a web site, the text and graphic files that make up the site must be transfered to them across the internet. This is the primary measurement of consumption in web site hosting.

MySQL is a powerful database. MySQL enables a web site to present dynamic, selective content.

Search Engine Registration
The process of actively promoting domains and web addresses with search engines and web directories.

Traffic Reports
In depth reporting of the monthly visitations and activity in a web site.