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TaosNet is now offering computer classes! Our first class in almost a decade starts this month, January 2012. We intend to offer Computer Basics classes to start, with a class developed by our employee Mark Moos. This class is modeled after a basics class taught in the Worthington, OH extended education program 20 years ago - the fundamentals have only evolved slightly in that time. Eventually, we will be offering the same class with a different choice of instructors, and beyond that we will probably offer more specialized classes on more vertical topics.

We have been anticipating offering these classes for at least 5 years. TaosNet functions more or less as a "toll booth on the information superhighway." In that capacity, we often have people stop by our toll booth and ask us how to drive! We are the helpful sort, but there has never been an efficient way to get each of our customers up to speed one issue at a time. If you want to get the most out of your Internet subscription we suggest that it helps to have a decent comfort level with the technology and terminology. The classes we are offering NOW are intended to give you just that.

We hope to accomodate the opposite goals of helping everybody while still keeping class size down. We have created a lab that can be set up in our conference room that allows us to work with 4 students at a time. The instructor and student machines are all hooked up to a big screen television so that we can all see examples. Each machine has its own monitor, a two-button scroll mouse, headphones, and a keyboard with a trackpad. Students with either a laptop or desktop computer at home can benefit.

The computers in the lab run a version of the Linux operating system called Ubuntu. TaosNet has been recommending Ubuntu as an alternative operating system for a number of years now. The reason we chose this operating system is that we do not intend to teach Mac nor PC classes. By teaching on a more "generic" operating system, we can teach skills and concepts and not rote steps, which are always subject to change. Concepts and skills aren't subject to change, and can easily be practiced and built on in the future.

The Computer Basics 101 classes will be offered as a one-month eight-hour series, four consecutive weeknights, two hours each, twice a month to start. Class times to start will be offered in the evenings after our normal business hours. This January, we are offering classes on Thursdays and Tuesdays (These classes are already filled). In February we intend to shift these days to Mondays and Wednesdays, and we'll likely alternate this way until we are able to add additional instructors. Eventually we may even add Sunday class schedules for those unable to attend during a weekday evening.

Because of the limited class size, our customers will be offered a discount. Because each class moves at its own pace changing days is not practical once you commit to taking a class. In case of emergency you will be allowed to reschedule a series based on availability. No refund will be given after completion of the first class. In this way if the material or instructor is unacceptable to you another class may be scheduled or you will not be charged.

Please follow the links below to view or download the printed course materials:

Skills vs. Comfort Level Assessment (Pre-Class and Post Class)

Basics Course Syllabus and Outline

Computer Basics 101 Complete (Original Arrangement)

Computer Basics 101 Week 1

Computer Basics 101 Week 2

Computer Basics 101 Week 3

Computer Basics 101 Week 4