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Using Postini Spam Control System

TaosNet standard email accounts come with the third-party Postini spam and virus screening system. These filters, properly "trained", can effectively significantly cut down on the amount of spam that gets to your email account. To log in to the Postini system, click the link in the alert email we send out periodically, or use your web browser to go to login.postini.com - you do not put "www" in front of the address.

This is a secure login that, because it is third-party, uses your entire email address as the username. This system will only recognize the @taosnet.com version of your email address; if you commonly give out @newmex.com, this is the only place that requires @taosnet.com to be used. Your regular TaosNet password works here to get you into the system.

The following introduction comes from the Postini online help system, which is expanded on their website - definitely worth checking out to get the most out of this powerful service.

The Message Center

The Message Center is your personal area where potential junk and virus-infected email is held. The Message Center is also a starting point for you to configure spam filters and the settings of other email applications.

You should review the detained messages and choose to remove or deliver them. You can also safely read the contents of a virus-infected eamil without the risk of harming your system.

As a reminder, you will receive a regular message directing you to the Message Center to review detained email. If a potentially dangerous virus-infected message is detected, you are immediately notified via email. It is recommended that you check your Message Center often so your filters "learn" to be more effective and accurate.

All email messages in the Trash are automatically deleted by the system on a periodic basis.

Junk Email - Spam Filters

The Spam Filters increase the sensitivity of your junk email filters to meet your personal tolerance levels. The filters intelligently recognize characteristics that are typical to junk email of these category types:

  • Sexually Explicity - Email that advertises X-rated websites, sexual activity, and other adult themes generally not appropriate for individuals under the age of 18.
  • Get Rich Quick - Schemes, unsolicited job offers, and other opportunities that request financial participation. Although this content may be acceptable to minors, it may be confusing or misleading.
  • Racially Insensitive - Offensive messages based on gender, nationality, race, creed, and religion. This type of email may be emotionally sensitive as well.
  • Special Offers - Messages which are not necessarily finacially-oriented, but does promote a call to action, such as pyramid scheme and similar unsolicited offers.

Junk Email - Approved Senders List

Add email addresses to the Approved Senders List if you want email from those senders to bypasss the Junk Email Assistant, regardless of what filters may be active.

You can add or delete senders to the list manually as you would block senders. Addresses can also be added to the Approved Senders list automatically when you deliver email from your Message Center and it asks whether you want to add that name to the Approved Senders list. Select the addresses that you want to add and click continue.

Mailing Lists and email-based newsletters can also be approved to bypass the filters. Email headers for Mailing Lists are not all formatted like your personal email and require some extra attention to pre-approve. Look at a copy of the mailing list that you want to add - if their email address is located in the TO: field, then add it to the Approved Mailing List. If the Mailing List's email address is locaated in the FROM: field, add the email address to the Approved Senders List.

Please note that mailing list addresses are often long and can change slightly from issue to issue. To ensure the newsletter isn't quarantined, you may want to add only the domain of the mailing list. For example, add "mailinglist.com" and ALL email messages from that domain will bypass the filters. THIS FEATURE MUST BE USED WITH EXTREME CAUTION since many spammers use popular domains to spoof their return address. For instance, free services like Hotmail or popular ISPs like AOL should never be Allowed completely as an entire domain.

Junk Email - Blocked Senders List

Add email addresses to the Blocked Senders List if you repeatedly receive objectionable email from the same individuals or organizations. This list might include someone who keeps sending you chain letters or a subscription that you can't unsubscribe from. By adding a sender to the Blocked Senders List, all messages from that sender will be directed to the Message Center.

NOTE: This is not a tool for blocking most spammers. Spammers continually change their email address to circumvent such tactics. Even with zero blocked senders, heuristic filters are effective enough to identify 95% of spam.

Unwanted messages can still get through. Follow these tips to maximize effectiveness:

Increase your settings. The more aggressive the filter setting, the fewer spam messages will reach your inbox. Please note that more aggressive the setting, the more often you should visit the Message Center to confirm that legitimate messages are not quarantined. If they are, add those senders or domains to your Approved Sender List.

Review your Approved Mailing List. Do you have other email addresses forwarding to this account? Check to be sure your addresses are NOT on the Approved Mailing List.

Remove and Deliver Messages Often: Once you log in to your Message Center to review suspicious messages, you should DELIVER legitimate email and REMOVE the junk email. The filters will increase in accuracy by doing this.