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Windows Dialup Setup

There are several ways to install and configure dial-up networking in Windows on your computer for access to TaosNet. If you are connecting to the Internet for the first time, the Internet Setup Wizard is the easiest method in Windows X. Due to lack of adequate software and security updates, TaosNet recommends that any Windows computer run at least Windows XP.

Internet Setup Wizard - Windows XP

Since Windows installations can vary greatly on different computers and manufacturers, the most reliable way to setup your Internet connection is to run the Internet Setup Wizard.

  1. Click on Start
  2. Click Run
  3. Type "inetwiz" and click OK

Several screens will appear as the wizard leads you through the basic setup. At some point, Windows may attempt to install needed drivers, so make sure you've got your installation disks or CD handy! Click "Next" after completing the info requested in each box. Also, depending on your configuration, the order may change and some extra steps may be required.

  1. Welcome - Click "Next". If you are curious and want more information, click "Help", but it is not necessary.
  2. How to Connect - Click button "Connect Using my phone line".
  3. Phone Number - Type in the TaosNet phone number: 751-9590 or 737-0000. Be sure to uncheck the box titled "Dial using area code and country code", as it will be a local call. If you have Call Waiting, use "*70,," before the phone number to temporarily disable that feature while online.
  4. Username & Password - Type in your username and password. Both need to be entered all lowercase (if your email address is bob@taosnet.com, then bob will be your username).
  5. Connection Name - This will be the name for the connection. You can type in whatever you would like to call your connection; we recommend "TaosNet". Check the box if you would like a shortcut to the connection on your desktop.
  6. Click Finish - You are finished, Congratulations!

In Windows Vista

  1. Click the Start menu and choose "Connect To" item.
  2. Choose the lower left link to "Set Up a Connection or Network".
  3. Choose "Set Up dial-up Connection".
  4. Enter all the information as described above in the dialog box.