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TaosNet Support Policies

Limited Free Support is provided for a variety of products and services. TaosNet also sells additional consulting, support, and training as chargable services.

TaosNet's Goal is to provide friendly, understandable, and affordable help for our customers. Maintaining technical support personnel and reference resources is very expensive. That is why we must charge for help and consulting outside the very specific limited free technical support as outlined below.

Support Issues that are directly related to hardware or software problems on a TaosNet server will never be chargable. Customers will always be specifically informed before they are "put on the clock" for any chargable support or consulting services.

Access Customers who have modem dial-up, DSL, or High-Speed Wireless accounts are entitled to limited free telephone support for their internet connection and reasonable Internet related questions. We will always inform you ahead of time if a DSL or Wireless support house call will be chargable.

Web Hosting Customers who purchase Domain and Web hosting from TaosNet are entitled to limited free telephone support for thirty days on any issue related to the hosting services from TaosNet. This telephone support cannot be used as "telephone training". We are always happy to listen and provide quick free answers whenever possible, but hosting customers should be aware that troubleshooting a designer's web site problems is most often chargable.

Requests for Telephone Support and consulting on software programs OTHER THAN popular Web Browsers (Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc.), popular e-mail programs (Mozilla Thunderbird, Outlook family of email programs, Windows or Mac Mail, etc), and the antivirus/antispyware products we recommend (see our web Help for more details) are chargable at our regular consulting rate of $60 per hour, normally billed in 15 minute blocks. We are always happy to provide quick free answers when possible and will let our customers know before they incur a charge.

Internet System Adminstration, network troubleshooting, and senior staff technical consulting is billable at $95 per hour.

On-Site Service Calls may include a travel charge, which can vary with the location, and are subject to a minimum of $30 per visit.

Consulting Rates

Personal Tech Help $60 per hour
Custom Programming $75 per hour
Internet System Administration $95 per hour
Simple Quick Questions Free when possible

The TaosNet Staff will always let you know before you cross the line into chargeable consulting.